MSL-Equipment Database Formats

Databases are used by MSL-Equipment to store EquipmentRecord‘s in an Equipment-Register Database and ConnectionRecord‘s in a Connections Database. The database file formats that are currently supported are .txt, .csv and .xls(x). A database is made up of fields (columns) and records (rows).

Equipment-Register Database

To adhere to international ISO/IEC 17025 standards, the information about the equipment that is used for a calibration or for a comparison must be known and it must be up to date. Keeping a central database of the equipment that is available in the lab allows for managing this information and for helping to ensure that the equipment that is being used for a calibration/comparison meets the requirements needed to achieve the final measurement uncertainty.

MSL-Equipment does not require that a single database is used for ALL equipment from ALL MSL sections. However, it is vital that each equipment record can only be uniquely found in ONE Equipment-Register database. These databases are never to be copied from one MSL section to another (although keeping backups are required). Rather if you are borrowing equipment from another team you simply specify the path to that teams Equipment-Register database in your configuration file. See for more details on how to specify multiple Equipment-Register databases in a configuration file. The owner of the equipment is responsible for ensuring that the information about the equipment is updated in their Equipment-Register database. The user of the equipment has access to this information through an EquipmentRecord object.

Each record in an Equipment-Register database is converted into an EquipmentRecord object when a configuration file is loaded. Each field is an property name for an EquipmentRecord.

Example Equipment-Register database:

The Register number used for Policies and Procedures. A column header can be any text. The name of an EquipmentRecord property must appear somewhere in the header text to associate the values in this column with the EquipmentRecord property value. This column is used to specify the Manufacturer of the equipment. Since the text Manufacturer appears in this header the value in this column will be used for manufacturer Model #

Connections Database