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Uses NI-DAQ_ as the backend to communicate with the equipment.

.. _NI-DAQ:
from __future__ import annotations

    import nidaqmx
    import nidaqmx.stream_readers as stream_readers
    import nidaqmx.stream_writers as stream_writers
except ImportError:
    nidaqmx = None
    stream_readers = None
    stream_writers = None

from .connection import Connection

[docs] class ConnectionNIDAQ(Connection): def __init__(self, record): """Uses NI-DAQ_ to establish a connection to the equipment. See the `nidaqmx examples`_ for how to use NI-DAQ_. The returned object from the :meth:`~.EquipmentRecord.connect` method is equivalent to importing the NI-DAQ_ package. For example:: nidaqmx = record.connect() with nidaqmx.Task() as task: task.ai_channels.add_ai_voltage_chan('Dev1/ai0') voltage = is equivalent to:: import nidaqmx with nidaqmx.Task() as task: task.ai_channels.add_ai_voltage_chan('Dev1/ai0') voltage = The :data:`` value must be equal to :data:`` to use this class for the communication system. This is achieved by setting the value in the **Backend** field for a connection record in the :ref:`connections-database` to be ``NIDAQ``. Do not instantiate this class directly. Use the :meth:`~.EquipmentRecord.connect` method to connect to the equipment. .. _nidaqmx examples: Parameters ---------- record : :class:`~.EquipmentRecord` A record from an :ref:`equipment-database`. """ super(ConnectionNIDAQ, self).__init__(record) if nidaqmx is None: self.raise_exception('nidaqmx is not installed. Run: pip install nidaqmx') try: self._version = nidaqmx.system.System.local().driver_version except OSError: self.raise_exception( 'nidaqmx requires NI-DAQmx or NI-DAQmx Runtime.\n' 'Visit to download the latest version of NI-DAQmx.' ) @property def constants(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.constants` module.""" return nidaqmx.constants @property def CtrFreq(self): """Returns the :class:`CtrFreq <nidaqmx.types.CtrFreq>` class.""" return nidaqmx.CtrFreq @property def CtrTick(self): """Returns the :class:`CtrTick <nidaqmx.types.CtrTick>` class.""" return nidaqmx.CtrTick @property def CtrTime(self): """Returns the :class:`CtrTime <nidaqmx.types.CtrTime>` class.""" return nidaqmx.CtrTime @property def DaqError(self): """Returns the :class:`DaqError <nidaqmx.errors.DaqError>` class.""" return nidaqmx.DaqError @property def DaqResourceWarning(self): """Returns the :obj:`DaqResourceWarning <nidaqmx.errors.DaqResourceWarning>` class.""" return nidaqmx.DaqResourceWarning @property def DaqWarning(self): """Returns the :class:`DaqWarning <nidaqmx.errors.DaqWarning>` class.""" return nidaqmx.DaqWarning @property def errors(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.errors` module.""" return nidaqmx.errors @property def Scale(self): """Returns the :class:`Scale <nidaqmx.scale.Scale>` class.""" return nidaqmx.Scale @property def stream_readers(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.stream_readers` module.""" return stream_readers @property def stream_writers(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.stream_writers` module.""" return stream_writers @property def system(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.system` module.""" return nidaqmx.system @property def Task(self): """Returns the :class:`Task <nidaqmx.task.Task>` class.""" return nidaqmx.Task @property def types(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.types` module.""" return nidaqmx.types @property def utils(self): """Returns the :mod:`nidaqmx.utils` module.""" return nidaqmx.utils @property def version(self): """:class:`str`: The NI-DAQmx driver version number.""" return self._version