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Base class for equipment that use the SDK provided by the manufacturer for the connection.
from __future__ import annotations

from msl.loadlib import LoadLibrary

from .connection import Connection
from .constants import REGEX_SDK

[docs] class ConnectionSDK(Connection): def __init__(self, record, libtype, path=None): """Base class for equipment that use the SDK provided by the manufacturer for the connection. The :data:`` value must be equal to :data:`` to use this class for the communication system. This is achieved by setting the value in the **Backend** field for a connection record in the :ref:`connections-database` to be ``MSL``. Do not instantiate this class directly. Use the :meth:`~.EquipmentRecord.connect` method to connect to the equipment. Parameters ---------- record : :class:`.EquipmentRecord` A record from an :ref:`equipment-database`. libtype : :class:`str` The library type. See :class:`~msl.loadlib.load_library.LoadLibrary` for more information. path : :class:`str`, optional The path to the SDK (if `record.connection.address` does not contain this information). Raises ------ OSError If the shared library cannot be loaded. TypeError If either `record` or `libtype` is invalid. """ super(ConnectionSDK, self).__init__(record) if path is None: info = ConnectionSDK.parse_address(record.connection.address) if info is None: self.raise_exception('Invalid address for {!r}'.format(self.__class__.__name__)) path = info['path'] self._lib = LoadLibrary(path, libtype) self._path = self._lib.path self._sdk = self._lib.lib self._assembly = self._lib.assembly self._gateway = self._lib.gateway self.log_debug('Connected to %s', record.connection) @property def assembly(self): """:attr:`~msl.loadlib.load_library.LoadLibrary.assembly`: The reference to the .NET assembly.""" return self._assembly @property def gateway(self): """:attr:`~msl.loadlib.load_library.LoadLibrary.gateway`: The reference to the JAVA gateway.""" return self._gateway @property def path(self): """:class:`str`: The path to the SDK file.""" return self._path @property def sdk(self): """:attr:`~msl.loadlib.load_library.LoadLibrary.lib`: The reference to the SDK object.""" return self._sdk
[docs] def log_errcheck(self, result, func, arguments): """Convenience method for logging an :attr:`~ctypes._FuncPtr.errcheck`""" self.log_debug('%s.%s%s -> %s', self.__class__.__name__, func.__name__, arguments, result) return result
[docs] @staticmethod def parse_address(address): """Get the file path from an address. Parameters ---------- address : :class:`str` The address of a :class:``. Returns ------- :class:`dict` or :data:`None` The file path or :data:`None` if `address` is not valid for an SDK. """ match = REGEX_SDK.match(address) if match: return match.groupdict()