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Exceptions used by MSL-Equipment.

[docs]class MSLConnectionError(OSError): """Base class for all MSL :class:`~.connection.Connection` exceptions."""
[docs]class MSLTimeoutError(MSLConnectionError): """A timeout exception for I/O operations."""
[docs]class ResourceClassNotFound(MSLConnectionError): """Exception if a resource class cannot be found to connect to the equipment.""" def __init__(self, record): msg = 'Cannot find a resource class for {}\n' \ 'If you know that a resource class exists then define a ' \ '"resource_class_name" property\nin the Connection Database ' \ 'with the name of the resource class as the property value '.format(record) super(ResourceClassNotFound, self).__init__(msg)
[docs]class AimTTiError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Aim and Thurlby Thandar Instruments."""
[docs]class AvantesError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Avantes."""
[docs]class BenthamError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Bentham."""
[docs]class CMIError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from the Czech Metrology Institute."""
[docs]class DataRayError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from DataRay Inc."""
[docs]class EnergetiqError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Energetiq."""
[docs]class MKSInstrumentsError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from MKS Instruments.""" pass
[docs]class NKTError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from NKT Photonics."""
[docs]class OmegaError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from OMEGA."""
[docs]class OptoSigmaError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from OptoSigma."""
[docs]class OptronicLaboratoriesError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Optronic Laboratories."""
[docs]class PicoTechError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Pico Technology."""
[docs]class PrincetonInstrumentsError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Princeton Instruments."""
[docs]class RaicolCrystalsError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Raicol Crystals."""
[docs]class ThorlabsError(MSLConnectionError): """Exception for equipment from Thorlabs."""