Implementation of the Multicast DNS and DNS-Based Service Discovery protocols.


  • RFC-1035Domain Names - Implementation and Specification, ISI, November 1987.

  • RFC-6762Multicast DNS, Apple Inc., February 2013.

  • RFC-6763DNS-Based Service Discovery, Apple Inc., February 2013.*, ip: list[str] | None = None, timeout: float = 1) dict[str, dict[str, str | list[str]]][source]

Find all LXI devices that support the mDNS and DNS Service Discovery protocols.

  • ip – The IP address(es) on the local computer to use to broadcast the discovery message. If not specified, broadcast on all network interfaces.

  • timeout – The maximum number of seconds to wait for a reply.


The information about the HiSLIP, VXI-11 and SCPI-RAW devices that were found.