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Load the 32-bit ``OL756SDKActiveXCtrl`` library using :ref:`msl-loadlib-welcome`.
from __future__ import annotations

import os
import re

from msl.loadlib import Client64
from msl.loadlib import ConnectionTimeoutError
from msl.loadlib import Server32Error

from import Connection
from import OptronicLaboratoriesError
from import register

[docs] @register(manufacturer=r'Optronic', model=r'(OL)?\s*756', flags=re.IGNORECASE) class OL756(Connection): def __init__(self, record=None): """A wrapper around the ``OL756SDKActiveXCtrl`` library. .. attention:: See the :class:`.ol756ocx_32.OL756` class for all available methods. This class can be used with either a 32- or 64-bit Python interpreter to call the 32-bit functions in the ``OL756SDKActiveXCtrl`` library. The :attr:`` for an OL756 connection supports the following key-value pairs in the :ref:`connections-database`:: 'mode': int, connection mode (0=RS232, 1=USB) [default: 1] 'com_port': int, the COM port number (RS232 mode only) [default: 1] Do not instantiate this class directly. Use the :meth:`~.EquipmentRecord.connect` method to connect to the equipment. Parameters ---------- record : :class:`~.EquipmentRecord` A record from an :ref:`equipment-database`. """ super(OL756, self).__init__(record) self.set_exception_class(OptronicLaboratoriesError) self._client = None error = None try: self._client = Client64( os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), ''), prog_id=record.connection.address[5:],'mode', 1),'com_port', 1), ) except ConnectionTimeoutError as e: error = e.reason if error: self.raise_exception('Cannot initialize the OL756 SDK.\n{}'.format(error)) self._request32 = self._client.request32 if self._request32('mode') == -1: self.disconnect() self.raise_exception( 'Cannot connect to the OL756 spectroradiometer. ' 'Is it turned on and connected to the computer?' ) self.log_debug('Connected to %s', record.connection) def __getattr__(self, attr): def send(*args, **kwargs): try: self.log_debug('%s.%s(%s, %s)', self.__class__.__name__, attr, args, kwargs) return self._request32(attr, *args, **kwargs) except Server32Error as e: error = e self.raise_exception(error) return send
[docs] def disconnect(self): """Disconnect from the OL756 spectroradiometer.""" if not self._client: return try: self._request32('connect_to_ol756', -1) except: pass try: stdout, stderr = self._client.shutdown_server32() stdout.close() stderr.close() except: pass self._client = None self.log_debug('Disconnected from %s', self.equipment_record.connection)