Load the 32-bit OL756SDKActiveXCtrl library using MSL-LoadLib.


Bases: Connection

A wrapper around the OL756SDKActiveXCtrl library.


See the ol756ocx_32.OL756 class for all available methods.

This class can be used with either a 32- or 64-bit Python interpreter to call the 32-bit functions in the OL756SDKActiveXCtrl library.

The properties for an OL756 connection supports the following key-value pairs in the Connections Database:

'mode': int, connection mode (0=RS232, 1=USB) [default: 1]
'com_port': int, the COM port number (RS232 mode only) [default: 1]

Do not instantiate this class directly. Use the connect() method to connect to the equipment.


record (EquipmentRecord) – A record from an Equipment-Register Database.


Disconnect from the OL756 spectroradiometer.