The functions in this module are only helper functions that were initially used for wrapping the PicoScope SDK in Python. There are no user-facing functions here, only those used by a developer.

These functions are used to

Print the following to stdout

  • the #define constants

  • the function signatures for the PicoScope subclasses

  • functions with similar function signatures

Create the following files





Parse a PicoScope header file.


path (str) – The path to a PicoScope header file.


dict – {‘enums’: {}, ‘defines’: {}, ‘functions’: {}, ‘structs’: {}, ‘functypes’: {}}[source]

Print the #define constants in the PicoScope header files to stdout

The output is copied and pasted to the appropriate PicoScope subclass.

For example, the stdout text below


is copied to

class PicoScope5000A(PicoScope):, picostatus_h_path)[source]

Creates the file[source]

Creates the file[source]

Ensure that none of the items in ENUM_DATA_TYPE_NAMES are in STRUCT_DATA_TYPE_ALIASES[source]

Create the file, hkey)[source][source]

Create the file. The lists in this file are used for creating ctypes._FuncPtr objects[source], ps_name)[source]